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About ScanPack

ScanPack. A unique and boutique trade finishing supplier, specializing in carton finishing for consumer packaged goods. We are dedicated to provide services that instinctively use the most technologically advanced methodologies culminating in the highest quality product, while being a cost effective solution.

Pre-Press & Die Creation

What can we say... We know our stuff. Whatever stage of production you're at with the project - we're here to help. ScanPack isn't a simple Cut Shop. We have the people who can assist you even before you put ink to paper. Our staff can manage through all details of Pre-press to make sure you're job is just right.

Require a dieline or a structural design for your package? We've got that covered too. If you need some help planning a great project execution, we're here to help!

Automated Hi-Speed Diecutting

From conventional die-cut to fully automated cutting IN-HOUSE, ScanPack leads the way in folding cartons, folders, hangers, shelf talkers, virtually anything needing a good cut!

Sorry we don't do haircuts though. But we're glad to recommend a good stylist.

Automated Waste Stripping

One of the advantages of our system is the ability to strip the core of a printed sheet... automatically. This save time and costs when we introduce your packaging to the finishing process.

From this vantage point we can deliver flat die-cut packaging directly into the glue and fold process.

Optical Error Detection Systems

This is a process which we pride ourselves on. the ability to optically scan each and every piece on the production line, and it doesn't miss a step.

This too saves precious time and costs. Operators are focussed on running high calibre pieces without the worry about quality coming off the device.

Optical scanning not only detects structural errors in the die-cut product but printing errors such as hickeys, smears or text legibility. What a timesaver!

In-Line Scoring, Gluing & Folding

We've thought out the finishing process too. A fully automated finishing system ensures good quality and adds the component of saved time. Literally packaging your product at the end off the machine.

Come see the process, you'll be satisfied with our commitment to our customers.

In-House Logistics

A major advantage we maintain at ScanPack is having our own trucks on the road. We can accomodate deliveries of large runs easier than working around a transport company. For local deliveries we can assist your company to get things to the market quicker. Our prices meet competitively with local market delivery services.

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